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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jun-2010A long-term prospective for the Spanish electricity systemFernandes, Camila; Frías Marín, Pablo; Olmos Camacho, Luis; Ramos Galán, Andrés; Gómez San Román, Tomás
1-Jan-2012An approach to calibrate incentives for continuity of supply in the Spanish electricity distribution systemFernandes, Camila; Candela Martínez, Antonio; Gómez San Román, Tomás
22Análisis del impacto económico de distintas soluciones tecnológicas para la integración masiva de generación renovable en el sistema eléctrico español en el horizonte 2020-2050Fernandes, Camila; Malpica Morales, Antonio; Frías Marín, Pablo
1-Mar-2011Análisis del impacto en España de la generación renovable en el periodo 2020-2050Fernandes, Camila; Frías Marín, Pablo
1-Apr-2014Efficient strategies for the integration of renewable energy into future energy infrastructures in Europe - an analysis based on transnational modeling and case studies for nine European regionsBoie, Inga; Fernandes, Camila; Frías Marín, Pablo; Klobasa, Marian
1-Jan-2013Expanding interconnection capacity to integrate intermittent generation in the Iberian PeninsulaFernandes, Camila; Frías Marín, Pablo; Olmos Camacho, Luis
19-Jun-2011Impact of intermittent generation on the expansion of the spanish power system interconnection capacityFernandes, Camila; Frías Marín, Pablo
1-Aug-2012Impact of vehicle-to-grid on power system operation costs: the Spanish case studyFernandes, Camila; Frías Marín, Pablo; Latorre Canteli, Jesús María
1-Apr-2016Participation of intermittent renewable generators in balancing mechanisms: a closer look into the Spanish market designFernandes, Camila; Frías Marín, Pablo; Reneses Guillén, Javier
24-Aug-2014The role of innovative grid-impacting technologies towards the development of the future pan-European system: the GridTech projectL' Abbate, Angelo; Calisti, Roberto; Zani, Alessandro; Auer, Hans; Koerbler, Guenther; Lettner, Georg; Frías Marín, Pablo; Olmos Camacho, Luis; Fernandes, Camila; Maidonis, Thomas; Vitiello, Silvia; Fulli, Gianluca; Schauer, Gerd; Sulakov, Stefan; et al., ?
1-Feb-2015The Spanish intraday market design: a successful solution to balance renewable generation?Chaves Ávila, José Pablo; Fernandes, Camila