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    • Stochastic programming applied to EV charging points for energy and reserve service markets 

      Sánchez Martín, Pedro; Lumbreras Sancho, Sara; Alberdi-Alén, Antonio (01/01/2016)
      A more realistic management of electric vehicle (EV) charging points requires to cope with stochastic behavior on vehicle staying patterns. This paper presents a stochastic programming model to achieve optimal management ...
    • Stochastic programming applied to olive husk milling process 

      Sánchez Martín, Pedro (Department of Computing (Imperial College London) y Centre for Process Systems Engineering (Imperial (Londres, Reino Unido), 01/01/2012)
      Olive husk is a by-product obtained from the industrial process for olive oil production containing oil, olive skin and stones. This olive husk is usually carried from presses to an Olive Waste Management Center where a ...
    • Stochastic simulation and Monte Carlo methods applied to the assessment of hydro-thermal generating system operation 

      Román Úbeda, Jaime; Allan, Ronald N. (01/06/1994)
      Simulation can be defined as a numerical technique for conducting experiments on a digital computer, which involves certain types of mathematical and logical models that describe the behaviour of a system over extended ...
    • Stochastic sizing of isolated rural mini-grids, including effects of fuel procurement and operational strategies 

      Fioriti, Davide; Giglioli, Romano; Poli, Davide; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Micangeli, Andrea; Citto, Riccardo Del; Pérez Arriaga, José Ignacio; Dueñas Martínez, Pablo (01/07/2018)
      The governments of developing countries struggle to guarantee the universal access to electricity on their territory and 1.2 billion people are still without any service, especially in remote areas. Hybrid mini-grids can ...
    • Stochastic traffic generator for Monte Carlo load flow simulation 

      Pilo De La Fuente, Eduardo; Jiménez Octavio, Jesús Ramón; Rodríguez Pecharromán, Ramón; López López, Álvaro Jesús (WIT Press (Southampton, Reino Unido), 23/05/2011)
    • Stochasticity in electric energy systems planning 

      Ramos Galán, Andrés; Cerisola Lopez De Haro, Santiago; Baillo Moreno, Alvaro; Latorre Canteli, Jesús María (Springer-Verlag (Berlín, Alemania), 01/01/2006)
    • Stock opciones: regulación, economía, política retributiva y debate social 

      Ibáñez Jiménez, Javier Wenceslao (Dykinson (Madrid, España), 01/09/2000)
      Análisis de las políticas retributivas en opciones sobre acciones, desde la óptica jurídico-societaria y de mercados
    • Stock options: regulación, economía, política retributiva y debate social 

      Ibáñez Jiménez, Javier Wenceslao (Dykinson (Madrid, España), 18/05/2001)
      Análisis del régimen jurídico de las retribuciones en opciones sobre acciones.
    • Storage allocation and investment optimisation for transmission-constrained networks considering losses and high renewable penetration 

      Yacar, Dean; Tejada Arango, Diego Alejandro; Wogrin, Sonja (10/12/2018)
      This study investigates the effects of transmission losses, constraints and increased renewable energy penetration on planning energy storage allocation and investment. By modifying a DC optimal power flow model using a ...
    • Storage systems for integrating wind and solar energy in Spain 

      Dollinger, Benedikt; Dietrich, Kristin (Universidad Pontificia Comillas; International Journal of Renewable Energy Research (Madrid, España), 20/10/2013)
      Renewable energies are on the rise in many countries. Mainly due to environmental concerns they have obtained the political support and are fostered in a large number of countries. Among the technologies which have experienced ...
    • Store: a comprehensive research and demostration project on the application of energy storage systems in island power systems 

      Egido Cortés, Ignacio; Lobato Miguélez, Enrique; Rouco Rodríguez, Luis; Sigrist, Lukas; Barrado Sánchez, Alberto Carlos; Fontela Martínez, Pablo; Magriñá Sole, Jordi
      Island power systems exhibit distinct features with respect to interconnected ones due to their isolated nature and small size and the cost of the fuel for power generation. Endesa has led a research and demonstration ...
    • Straight rod with different order of thickness. 

      Villanueva Pesqueira, Manuel; Griso, Georges (01/10/2015)
      En este artículo se consideran barras con grosor variable. El objetivo principal es estudiar el comportamiento de estas barras en el marco de la elasticidad lineal.
    • Strategic Analysis 

      Tejeiro Koller, Manuel Ramón; Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales, Departamento de Gestión Empresarial (11/01/2018)
    • Strategic analysis of electricity markets under uncertainty: A conjectured-price-response approach 

      Centeno Hernáez, Efraim; Reneses Guillén, Javier; Barquín Gil, Julián (01/02/2007)
      This paper presents a model to address generation companies’ medium-term strategic analysis (including yearly forecast and decision-making processes) based on a conjectured-price-response market equilibrium representation ...
    • Strategic bidding in a competitive electricity market: A decomposition approach 

      Baillo Moreno, Alvaro; Ventosa Rodríguez, Mariano; Rivier Abbad, Michel Luis; Ramos Galán, Andrés (Sin editorial (Oporto, Portugal), 10/09/2001)
      Daily bidding is an activity of paramount importance for generation companies operating in day-ahead electricity markets. The authors have developed a strategic bidding procedure based on strochastic programming to obtain ...
    • Strategic bidding in Colombian Electricity market using a multi-agent learning approach 

      Gallego Vega, Luis Eduardo; Duarte, Oscar; Delgadillo Vega, Andrés Ramiro (IEEE (Bogotá, Colombia), 13/08/2008)
      In this paper, a multi-agent model of an electricity market is proposed using the Agent-based Computational Economics (ACE) methodology. The proposed methodology for modeling the bidding price behavior of Generation Companies ...
    • Strategic bidding in secondary reserve markets 

      Campos Fernández, Francisco Alberto; Muñoz San Roque, Antonio; Sánchez Ubeda, Eugenio Francisco; Portela González, José (01/07/2016)
      Electricity markets are based on several sequential energy and reserve trading mechanisms to constantly maintain the balance between generation and demand. During the last years, reserve markets are getting much importance ...
    • Strategic bidding in sequential electricity markets 

      Ugedo Álvarez-Ossorio, Alejandro; Lobato Miguélez, Enrique; Franco Ugidos, Álvaro; Rouco Rodríguez, Luis; Fernández Caro, Joaquín; Chofre Álvarez, Javier (01/07/2006)
      Wholesale electricity markets can be organised into different types of markets—energy markets and ancillary services markets—that are cleared sequentially. The paper proposes a stochastic-optimisation model to ...
    • Strategic bidding under uncertainty in a competitive electricity market 

      Baillo Moreno, Alvaro; Ventosa Rodríguez, Mariano; Rivier Abbad, Michel Luis; Ramos Galán, Andrés (Sin editorial (Funchal, Portugal), 25/09/2000)
      The electricity industry is suffering an intense process of deregulation and restructuring throughout the world. In many cases generation companies are summoned to submit bids in some sort of organized market where demand ...
    • Strategic bidding under uncertainty using genetic algorithms 

      Mateo González, Alicia; Sánchez Ubeda, Eugenio Francisco; Muñoz San Roque, Antonio; Villar Collado, José; Sáiz Chicharro, Ángel; Abarca, J.T.; Losada, E. (Sin editorial (Funchal, Portugal), 25/09/2000)
      This paper presents a new approach based on Genetic Algorithms (GA) to find the optimal bidding strategies of a market participant. Uncertainty about competitors behavior is included in our model, which incorporates risk ...