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    • Estimating conjectural variations for electricity market models 

      López de Haro, Santiago Jesús; Sánchez Martín, Pedro; Hoz Ardiz, Jorge de la; Fernández Caro, Joaquín (01/09/2007)
      Agents' behavior in oligopolistic markets has traditionally been represented by equilibrium models. Recently, several approaches based on conjectural variations equilibrium models have been proposed for representing agents' ...
    • Strategic bidding in sequential electricity markets 

      Ugedo Álvarez-Ossorio, Alejandro; Lobato Miguélez, Enrique; Franco Ugidos, Álvaro; Rouco Rodríguez, Luis; Fernández Caro, Joaquín; Chofre Álvarez, Javier (01/07/2006)
      Wholesale electricity markets can be organised into different types of markets—energy markets and ancillary services markets—that are cleared sequentially. The paper proposes a stochastic-optimisation model to ...