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    • Conducted and radiated interference measurements in the line-pantograph system 

      Tellini, Bernardo; Macucci, Massimo; Giannetti, Romano; Antonacci, G. (Sin editorial (Baltimore, Estados Unidos de América), 01/02/2000)
      We present the results of a measurement campaign aimed at investigating electromagnetic interference phenomena in the interaction between overhead railway power supply lines and pantograph. In order to obtain such data, ...
    • Current measurement in electrical discharges in air gaps for conducted noise estimation 

      Tellini, Bernardo; Giannetti, Romano (Sin editorial (Saint Paul, Estados Unidos de América), 01/06/1998)
      In this paper current rising time and power spectral density in electrical discharges in overvoltaged air gaps with different electrode geometries are investigated in order to perform a preliminary study on the characteristics ...