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    • A delicate balance in South America 

      Rudnick, Hugh; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto; Valenzuela Mocarquer, Luis Sebastian; Bezerra, Bernardo Vieira (02/07/2008)
      This article deals with the challenges of balancing the need for hydroelectricity with the impact on the environment. Economic efficiency, energy security, and environmental sustainability are concerns that must be considered ...
    • A dynamic real option-based investment model for renewable energy portfolios 

      Campos Passos, Aderson; Street, Alexandre; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto (01/03/2017)
      This work proposes a dynamic model to devise the optimal risk-averse investment policy in a portfolio of complementary renewable sources for a generation company in the Brazilian power system. The proposed method merges a ...
    • A hybrid MILP and benders decomposition approach to find the nucleolus quota allocation for a renewable energy portfolio 

      Freire, Lucas; Street, Alexandre; Lima, Delberis A.; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto (01/11/2015)
      Portfolios of renewable electricity sources are interesting risk-management mechanisms for trading in electricity contract markets. When formed by players belonging to different companies, their stability relies on the way ...
    • A natural fit: electricity-gas integration challenges in South America 

      Rudnick, Hugh; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto; Cunha, Gabriel; Valenzuela Mocarquer, Luis Sebastian (01/11/2014)
      South America is one of the most dynamic regions for the joint development of natural gas and electricity. Gas is abundant in the region, although unevenly distributed (see Figure 1), with significant new reserves projected ...
    • An Aumann-Shapley approach to allocate transmission service cost among network users in electricity markets 

      Junqueira, Max; Costa, Luiz Carlos da; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto; Oliveira, Gerson C.; Thomé, Luiz Mauricio; Veiga Pereira, Mario (01/11/2007)
      This work presents a new methodology for the allocation of transmission service cost among network users in energy markets. The proposed method is based on an optimization/game-theoretic framework (Aumann-Shapley) that ...
    • Auction approaches of long-term contracts to ensure generation investment in electricity markets: lessons from the Brazilian and Chilean experiences 

      Moreno Vieyra, Rodrigo; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto; Bezerra, Bernardo Vieira; Valenzuela Mocarquer, Luis Sebastian; Rudnick, Hugh (01/10/2010)
      The implementation of auctions of long-term electricity contracts is arising as an alternative to ensure generation investment and therefore achieve a reliable electricity supply. The aim is to reconcile generation adequacy ...
    • Balance of power 

      Valenzuela Mocarquer, Luis Sebastian; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto; Rudnick, Hugh; Bezerra, Bernardo Vieira; Veiga Pereira, Mario (01/09/2009)
      This paper discusses the challenges in the procurement of electricity. The primary challenge faced by the countries in Latin America is to ensure sufficient capacity and investment to reliably serve their growing economies. ...
    • Bid-based dispatch of hydrothermal systems in competitive markets 

      Lino, Priscila Rochinha; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto; Veiga Pereira, Mario; Kelman, Rafael; Fampa, Márcia Helena C. (01/04/2003)
      The objective of this work is to investigate possible hydro-scheduling inefficiencies under a bidding scheme. It will be shown that the market-based dispatch of hydro-plants, under a perfect competitive market, converges ...
    • Bidding strategies with fuel supply uncertainty in auctions of long-term energy call options 

      Bezerra, Bernardo Vieira; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto; Veiga Pereira, Mario (01/05/2011)
      This work develops a stochastic optimization model for the creation of a bidding strategy for a generator in an energy call option auction similar to Brazil's, i.e., where the bidder can offer both the premium and the ...
    • Bilevel optimization applied to strategic pricing in competitive electricity markets 

      Fampa, Márcia Helena C.; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto; Candal Reis Fernandes, Denise; Simonetti, Luidi Gelabert (01/03/2008)
      In this paper, we present a bilevel programming formulation for the problem of strategic bidding under uncertainty in a wholesale energy market (WEM), where the economic remuneration of each generator depends on the ability ...
    • Can Brazil learn from California? 

      Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto; Veiga Pereira, Mario; Kelman, Rafael; Lino, Priscila Rochinha; Rosenblatt, José (01/08/2002)
      Most countries that have recently reformed their energy sectors are looking carefully at California. An unprecedented electric power deficit has affected one of the main economies of the world, threatening to bankrupt two ...
    • Capacity mechanisms: needs, solutions and state of affairs 

      Barquín Gil, Julián; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto; Batlle López, Carlos; Mastropietro, Paolo (CIGRÉ (París, Francia), 01/02/2016)
    • Combinatorial and simultaneous descending auctions for electricity transmission concessions 

      de Sa Ferreira, Rafael; Tancredo Borges, Carmen Lucia; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto (01/07/2018)
      Many countries use auctions to select agents to which transmission concessions are awarded. Where multiple concessions are auctioned each year, there are potential benefits, for transcos and grid users, in using auction ...
    • Contracting strategies for renewable generators: a hybrid stochastic and robust optimization approach 

      Fanzeres, Bruno; Street, Alexandre; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto (01/07/2015)
      We present a new methodology to support an energy trading company (ETC) to devise contracting strategies under an optimal risk-averse renewable portfolio. The uncertainty in the generation of renewable energy sources is ...
    • Creating harmony in South America 

      Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto; Valenzuela Mocarquer, Luis Sebastian; Rudnick, Hugh; Castro, Tarcísio (17/07/2006)
      South America is looking for ways to harmonize power supply expansion with growing environmental concerns as electricity demand increases at a fast pace. While South America contributed little to the world's total pollutant ...
    • Demand response models with correlated price data: a robust optimization approach 

      Ferreira, Rafael de Sa; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto; Carvalho, Martha Martins (01/08/2012)
      In the electricity industry, the processes through which consumers respond to price signals embedded in tariffs by changing their consumption patterns is generally referred to as demand response. In such a context, consumers ...
    • Electrical expansion in South America: centralized or distributed generation for Brazil and Colombia 

      Ferreira, Rafael; Corredor Avella, Pablo Hernán; Rudnick, Hugh; Cifuentes, Ximena; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto (01/03/2019)
      Questions on whether the power system of the future will be centralized or distributed occupy institutions and agents of the South American electricity industry as well as their peers in other regions of the world. A ...
    • Electricity auctions: an overview of efficient practices 

      Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto (World Bank Publications (Washington, Estados Unidos de América), 25/07/2011)
    • Expansion pressure: energy challenges in Brazil and Chile 

      Bezerra, Bernardo Vieira; Valenzuela Mocarquer, Luis Sebastian; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto; Rudnick, Hugh (01/05/2012)
      In Latin America, primary energy demand is projected to grow on average by 1.7% per year and to reach 830 million tons of oil equivalent (mtoe) by 2035, according to the International Energy Agency's 2011 World Energy ...
    • Facilitating the integration of renewables in Latin America: the role of hydropower generation and other energy storage technologies 

      Moreno Vieyra, Rodrigo; de Sa Ferreira, Rafael; Nobrega Barroso, Luiz Augusto; Rudnick, Hugh; Pereira Bonvallet, Eduardo (01/09/2017)
      It is well known that storage facilities can provide value to various electricity sectors through several services, which we group into five main classes.