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    • Assessment of energy distribution losses for increasing penetration of distributed generation 

      Méndez Quezada, Víctor Hugo; Rivier Abbad, Juan Martín; Gómez San Román, Tomás (01/05/2006)
      High levels of penetration of distributed generation (DG) are a new challenge for traditional electric power systems. Power injections from DGs change network power flows modifying energy losses. Although it is considered ...
    • Assessment of the cost associated with wind generation prediction errors in a liberalized electricity market 

      Fabbri, Alberto; Gómez San Román, Tomás; Rivier Abbad, Juan Martín; Méndez Quezada, Víctor Hugo (01/08/2005)
      In this paper, a probabilistic methodology for estimating the energy costs in the market for wind generators associated with wind prediction errors is proposed. Generators must buy or sell energy production deviations due ...
    • Impact of distributed generation on distribution investment deferral 

      Méndez Quezada, Víctor Hugo; Rivier Abbad, Juan Martín; Fuente León, José Ignacio de la; Gómez San Román, Tomás; Arceluz Ogando, José; Marín, Javier; Madurga, A. (01/05/2006)
      The amount of distributed generation (DG) is increasing worldwide, and it is foreseen that in the future it will play an important role in electrical energy systems. DG is located in distribution networks close to consumers ...