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    • DIAMOND - Distributed Multi-Agent Architecture for Monitoring and Diagnosis 

      Wörn, Heinz; Längle, Thomas; Albert, Martin; Kazi, Arif; Brighenti, Attilio; Revuelta Seijo, Santiago; Senior, Christopher; Sanz Bobi, Miguel Ángel; Villar Collado, José (01/03/2004)
      This paper presents a new concept for building up a monitoring and diagnosis system for complex industrial application. For this purpose, a multi-agent architecture was developed that employs the FIPA-ACL (Agent Communication ...
    • Knowledge extraction 

      Brighenti, Chiara; Brighenti, Attilio; Biancat, Jacopo; Sanz Bobi, Miguel Ángel (01/01/2015)
      This article presented an anomaly detection method based on techniques of knowledge extraction from data, which can be fully applied to detect anomalous working conditions and prevent unexpected faults and shut downs of ...