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dc.contributor.authorLorente Pedreille, Raqueles-ES
dc.contributor.authorMedina Martín, Mª Nieveses-ES
dc.contributor.authorSáenz Nuño, María Anaes-ES
dc.contributor.authorSebastián Pérez, Miguel Ángeles-ES
dc.descriptionCapítulos en libroses_ES
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents the new development of a transfer standard for torque measurements. It will also go in detail with the influence quantities for the functional performance of the system. The results of this research are based on the new EMPIR project (14IND14: "Torque measurement in the MN m range" [1]) which aims to provide traceability in the MN m range for nacelle test benches. This new development is based on the working principle of force-lever systems, where torque is measured by means of force measurements. For its application in nacelle test benches, whose normal operation occurs under rotation, certain influences need to be considered. This paper describes what influences may affect this new system, its estimation and how the design has been improved in order to minimize their effect on torque measurements.en-GB
dc.publisherSin editorial (Belfast, Reino Unido)es_ES
dc.sourceLibro: 22nd World Congress of the International Measurement Confederation - IMEKO 2018, Página inicial: 042039-1-042039-4, Página final:es_ES
dc.subject.otherInstituto de Investigación Tecnológica (IIT)es_ES
dc.titleStudy of influences in CEM´s new transfer standard for torque measurements in the MN m rangees_ES

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