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    • Development perspectives of Power to Gas (P2G) in Spain 

      Saboya Bautista, Inmaculada; Rouco Rodríguez, Luis; Linares Llamas, Pedro; Cortés Muñoz, Paloma; Ferragut Ferretjans, Francisco; Martínez Gonzalo, Maria Piedad; García Martínez, Fernando; Chamberlain, John (European Association for the Development of Renewable Energies, Environment and Power Quality; Unive (Málaga, España), 04/04/2017)
      Wind generation curtailments can occur in power systems as wind penetration increases. An alternative to curtailments is Power to Gas (P2G). The fundamental idea of P2G is to use the surplus energy, that cannot be incorporated ...
    • Impact of high-speed trains in small isolated power system phase to phase imbalances 

      Saboya Bautista, Inmaculada; Egido Cortés, Ignacio; Pilo De La Fuente, Eduardo; Rouco Rodríguez, Luis (WIT Press (Southampton, Reino Unido), 11/09/2012)