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    • Regional and muscle-specific adaptations in knee extensor hypertrophy using flywheel versus conventional weight-stack resistance exercise 

      García Gutiérrez, María Teresa; Lunberg, Tommy R; Mandic, Mirko; Lilja, Mats; Fernandez Gonzalo, Rodrigo (09/01/2019)
      This study compared the effects of the most frequently employed protocols of flywheel (FW) versus weight-stack (WS) resistance exercise (RE) on regional and muscle-specific adaptations of the knee extensors. Sixteen men ...
    • Sleep Is Compromised in -12º Head Down Tilt Position 

      Boschert, Alessa L.; Elmenhorst, David; Gauger, Peter; Li, Zhili; García Gutiérrez, María Teresa; Gerlach, Darius; Johannes, Bernd; Zange, Jochen; Bauer, Andreas; Rittweger, Jörn (09/05/2019)
      Recent studies are elucidating the interrelation between sleep, cranial perfusion, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) circulation. Head down tilt (HDT) as a simulation of microgravity reduces cranial perfusion. Therefore, our ...