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    • Comparison between ANCF and B-spline surfaces 

      Mikkola, Aki; Shabana, Ahmed A.; Sanchez Rebollo, Cristina; Jiménez Octavio, Jesús Ramón (07/03/2013)
      This paper compares the descriptions of surfaces used in computational geometry (CG) methods and the finite element (FE) kinematics. Such a description is necessary for the successful Integration of Computer Aided Design ...
    • Low order continuum-based liquid sloshing formulation for vehicle system dynamics 

      Wang, Jian Liang; Jiménez Octavio, Jesús Ramón; Wei, Cheng; Shabana, Ahmed A. (01/03/2015)
      The objective of this investigation is to develop a low order continuum-based liquid sloshing model that can be successfully integrated with multibody system (MBS) algorithms. The liquid sloshing model proposed in this ...