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  • The natural gas industry and fuel markets 

    Alonso Suárez, Alejandro; Cossent Arín, Rafael; de la Cruz Mendoza, Susana; del Barrio Castro, Luis; García González, Javier; Gómez San Román, Tomás; González Sotres, Luis Felipe; Martín Martínez, Carlos; Mata Alonso, Pedro María; Moreno Marcos de León, Beatriz; Olmos Camacho, Luis; Palomar Herrero, Jorge; Parrilla Pozzy, Ernesto; Prieto González, Rocío; Reyes Revuelta, Jesús; Yunta Huete, Raúl (04/02/2019)
  • Relationship between electricity markets in the Spanish system 

    Pérez Ramlrez, Álvaro (2018)
    Since electricity markets were implemented in the 70’s and 80’s around the world, it has always existed the uncertainty about prices. This uncertainty not only affects the shot-term problem, when to produce, but also the ...
  • Valuation of electricity derivatives 

    Pérez Rivera, Inés (2018)
    This paper aims to forecast the value of electricity derivatives in the MIBEL system. For that purpose, three different models based on the simulation of future price scenarios are developed. The project begins with an ...
  • Regulation challenges for batteries and cost-effectiveness analysis 

    García Fernández, Javier (2018)
    In the near future scenario of decarbonization, electrification of the economy and increase in urban population, the provision of flexibility will be key for the evolution of the power sector functioning. Lowering prices ...
  • Development of a model to determine the optimal strategy in a hydro basin 

    López Galán, Jesús (2018)
    The extensive expansion of the installed capacity of renewables energies have changed the market conditions and the hydroelectric technology is going to play a very important role because the strong interaction between ...
  • A blockchain to trade energy in Europe : cost reduction analysis 

    López Martínez, Jesús (2018)
    The external cost per trade is gaining importance in energy trading companies as profitability is being reduced due to the increment of small volume transactions, at a reduced price and on a shorter term, with the expansion ...
  • Pricing model for the Italian electricity market 

    Cebollero Burgués, Martina (2018)
    This master thesis has as a main objective the prediction of expected zonal prices in the Italian Electricity Market based on a pricing model according to the thermal gap. This objective will enable to obtain appreciated ...
  • Forecast of schedule of different technologies and prices for the period 2020 to 2030 for the Iberian energy market 

    Roa Prieto, Miguel (2018)
    Introduction This Project tries to forecast as precisely as possible the energy prices in the Iberian Market between the years 2020 and 2030, taking into account the European goal of reducing the emissions and the evolution ...
  • Cross-border interconnections : influence in the Spanish market price 

    Miralles Pérez, Óscar (2018)
    Cross-border interconnections represent a key infrastructure for the achievement of a common European energy market which ensures a fair price for consumers. Renewable sources also benefit from these infrastructures as ...
  • Economic analysis of continuous intraday market in Spain from an industrial consumer's perspective 

    Alfaro Cerezo, Pilar (2018)
    European energy policy in the last decades has focused on developing an electricity internal market. In this context, the XBID Project is created by several European power exchanges and transmission system operators, in ...
  • Long-term modelling of Australia's national electricity market 

    Nistal Prieto, Sergio (2018)
    Nowadays, energy utilities are becoming more and more international, expanding their business to other countries. Before doing so, they must assess the risks that they may face, for example at investing in new generation ...
  • Network business: transmission, distribution and smart grids 

    Alonso Llorente, Juan Francisco; Chaves Ávila, Jose Pablo; Cossent Arín, Rafael; Frías Marín, Pablo; García González, Javier; Gómez San Román, Tomás; González Sotres, Luis Felipe; Olmos Camacho, Luis; Reneses Guillén, Javier; Rivier Abbad, Michel Luis; Rodríguez García, Juan Manuel; Rodríguez Herrerías, Pablo; Sánchez Fornié, Miguel Ángel; Trebolle Trebolle, David (23/01/2019)
  • Law and legislation of the power industry 

    Cossent Arín, Rafael; Díez, Carlos Alexandre; Escobar Rodríguez, Rodrigo; Gómez San Román, Tomás; González Sotres, Luis Felipe; López Ibor Mayor, Vicente Manuel; Ramos Villar, Ignacio; Samaniego Guerra, María José; Sánchez de Tembleque Sánchez de Castro, Luis Jesús; Solé Martín, Carlos; Vázquez Cobos, Carlos Jesús (23/01/2019)
  • Fundamentals on electrical engineering and optimization techniques 

    Campos Fernández, Francisco Alberto; Cossent Arín, Rafael; Frías Marín, Pablo; García González, Javier; Gómez San Román, Tomás; González Sotres, Luis Felipe; Laloux Dallemagne, Damien; Ramos Galán, Andrés; Rivier Abbad, Michel Luis; Wogrin, Sonja (23/01/2019)
  • Environmental and renewable energy policy 

    Cossent Arín, Rafael; Duque Pérez Pire, Paloma María; García González, Javier; Gómez San Román, Tomás; González Sotres, Luis Felipe; Linares Llamas, Pedro; Mezquita Gago, José Manuel; Olmos Camacho, Luis; Pintó Fernández, Ana; Tardieu Benlloch, Javier (21/01/2019)
  • Electric power systems 

    Damien; Javier; Luis; Luis; Luis Felipe; Michel Luis; Rafael; Tomás (25/09/2018)
  • Regulation of the electric power industry 

    Carlos; Luis; Pablo; Tomás (25/09/2018)
  • Economy of the electric power industry 

    Eloy; Jesús; José Ignacio; José Luis; Jose Pablo; José Pablo; Luis (10/09/2018)
  • Management skills 

    Anthony Michael; Cristina (08/09/2018)
  • Internship 

    Luis (07/09/2018)