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Title: Interpersonal Offenses and Psychological Well‑Being: The Mediating Role of Forgiveness
Authors: Gismero González, María Elena
Jódar Anchía, Rafael
Martínez Díaz, María Pilar
Carrasco Galán, María José
Cagigal de Gregorio, Virginia
Prieto Ursúa, María
Issue Date:  24
Abstract: p
Despite increasing attention to the study of forgiveness, the links between forgiving real-life interpersonal hurts and psychological well-being have been overlooked. With a sam-ple of 456 Spanish adults (aged 18 80years), the aims of this study were to examine: (1) whether variables related with the victims appraisal of a specific offense (time elapsed, frequency, perceived severity, perceived intention) and their own beliefs about the nature of forgiveness (as either conditional or unconditional) are associated to their interpersonal forgiveness; (2) whether forgiveness plays a mediating role between the way in which vic-tims appraise an offense and their levels of psychological well-being (PWB), and between their beliefs about the nature of forgiveness, and their levels of PWB; (3) the role that two different components of forgiveness (Absence of Negative and Presence of Positive feel-ings and thoughts about the hurt negF and posF , respectively) might play on these relationships. We found that adults who forgive others tend to enjoy a greater sense of PWB than those who are less willing to forgive offenses. Frequency of the offense, its per-ceived severity and its perceived intention were associated with less forgiveness. Forgive-ness mediated the relationship between the victims appraisal of the offense and their levels of PWB, specifically through negF (i.e., the victims ability to leave behind the negative thoughts and feelings associated with the transgression). Finally, the belief that forgiveness is unconditional or conditional has different relationships not only with forgiveness, but also with the victims PWB.
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ISSN: 1389-4978
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