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Title: Gallo-Giunzioni, K.; Prieto-Ursúa, M.; Fernández-Belinchón, C.; Luque-Reca, O. (2021). Measuring Forgiveness: Psychometric properties of the Heartland Forgiveness Scale in the Spanish population. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18, 45.
Authors: Gallo, Karla Gabriela
Prieto Ursúa, María
Fernández-Belinchón, Cristina
Luque Reca, Octavio
Issue Date:  1
Abstract: p
Given the scarcity of instruments in Spanish to measure forgiveness, two studies were conducted in this population to obtain validity evidence of the Heartland Forgiveness Scale (HFS), an instrument that measures dispositional forgiveness of self, others, and situations. In the first study, 203 students (65% women) participated. After ensuring the linguistic adequacy and clarity of the wording of the items, a lack of congruence was found between the factors obtained in the exploratory factor analysis and the original theoretical structure of the HFS. A sample of 512 participants (63.9% women) attended the second study. This study aimed to analyze the construct validity of the HFS using confirmatory factor analysis through structural equation modelling and to explore convergent, discriminant, and criterion validity. Of the different factorial configurations tested (including the original), only a scale reduction to eight items, grouped into three factors, showed an appropriate fit. The HFS eight-item version also showed acceptable internal consistency, adequate convergent and discriminant validity, and criterion validity with respect to related variables. These findings suggest that the eight-item version of the HFS may be a valid and reliable tool for assessing forgiveness for self, others, and situations in Spanish adults.
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