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Title: "EU cooperation on migration with partner countries within the New Pact: new instruments for a new paradigm?", Special Collection on the ‘New’ Migration and Asylum Pact, Odysseus Blog Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy
Authors: García Andrade, Paula
Issue Date:  8
Abstract: ---
The New Pact on Migration and Asylum presented by the European Commission on 23rd September 2020 assigns a prominent place to cooperation with third countries of origin and transit of migrations flows. As an essential element of any coherent and efficient immigration policy, this external dimension receives, in the New Pact, considerable attention. This post aims at assessing whether the way in which cooperation with partner countries on migration has been addressed in the New Pact preserves the existing approach or comes with any innovations, especially on the tools to be used. Therefore, after evaluating the allegedly new Commission’s orientations, the focus will be put on the instruments foreseen for the design and implementation of this international cooperation, by analysing what is new, what is missing and what is in excess within the ‘toolbox’ of this external dimension.
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