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Title: Determination of carbendazim with a graphite electrode modified with silicone OV-17
Authors: Hernández Hernández, Pedro
Ballesteros Iglesias, María Yolanda
Galán Estella, Fernando
Hernández Hernández, Lucas
Issue Date:  1
The cyclic voltammetric characterization of a graphite electrode modified with silicone OV-17 was carried out on a solution of ferroine. Afterwards, the electrochemical behavior of carbendazim following its accumulation on the electrode surface, was studied. Best conditions for its determination in the preconcentration and measurement steps were established. The method, with a relative error of 3.7% and a determination limit of 9.1 ng/mL, was applied for wine, apple and cultivated soil samples.
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ISSN: 1040-0397
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