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Title: Solvent and solid-phase extraction of natural and synthetic corticoids in human urine
Authors: Santos Montes, Ana María
Gonzalo Lumbreras, Raquel
Gasco López, A.I.
Izquierdo Hornillos, Roberto
Issue Date:  1
Optimization of the main variables that affect solvent and solid-phase extraction processes, using disposable C18 cartridges and the non-ionic polymeric resin Serdolit AD-2, of human urine containing natural and synthetic corticoids is described. The data were obtained from different HPLC separations of these compounds using calibration graphs obtained before and after extraction of these compounds. The procedures, including sample preconcentration, showed efficiencies over 90\%. NaCl was used to avoid emulsion formation in solvent extraction. The results achieved using solvent and solid-phase extraction are discussed.
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ISSN: 0378-4347
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