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dc.contributor.authorde los Ríos Sastre, Susanaes-ES
dc.contributor.authorGonzález Sánchez, Víctor
dc.descriptionCapítulos en libroses_ES
dc.description.abstractTourism is one of the economic sectors that can better improve the recovery and economic development in places that need encouragements to face and recover from the current crisis. On the other side, the innovation and the knowledge society development could make a positive influence over the beneficial effects of the tourist sector, mainly through the growth of the economic activity and the capacity to generate employment (directly or indirectly). Although, the usefulness of these positive effects depends, normally, on the available previous infrastructure of tourist businesses or knowledge access network, as well as financial resources. This paper analyses the recent evolution and the current situation of key performance indicators of the tourism sector in relation to the knowledge society, economy and finance in the European Union.en-GB
dc.publisherINBAM (Valencia, España)es_ES
dc.sourceLibro: INBAM 2012- 2nd Conference of de International Network of Business and Management Journals, Página inicial: 1, Página final: 12es_ES
dc.subject.otherRetos socioeconómicos y tecnológicos en las sociedades del siglo XXIes_ES
dc.titleAnalysis of the European Tourism Sector on the knowledge society from an economic and financial perspectivees_ES
dc.keywordsTourism, knowledge society, economy, finance, European Union.en-GB
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