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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jul-2019A Scandinavian ‘high-tax, high-spend’ model for regions? The impact of enhanced regional fiscal autonomyLecca, Patrizio
15-Nov-2012An investigation of issues relating to where energy should enter the production functionLecca, Patrizio; Swales, J. Kim; Turner, Karen
15-Apr-2014Balanced Budget Multipliers for Small Open Regions within a Federal System: Evidence from the Scottish Variable Rate of Income TaxLecca, Patrizio; McGregor, Peter G.; Swales, J. Kim; Ping Yin, Ya
1-Oct-2019Can the Composition of Energy Use in an Expanding Economy be Altered by Consumers’ Responses to Technological Change?Lecca, Patrizio
2-Jan-2017Computable General Equilibrium Modelling in Regional ScienceLecca, Patrizio; Allan, Grant J.; McGregor, Peter G.; McIntyre, Stuart G.; Swales, J. Kim
15-Aug-2019Energy efficiency as an instrument of regional development policy? The impact of regional fiscal autonomyLecca, Patrizio
6-Nov-2012Forward Looking and Myopic Regional Computable General Equilibrium Models. How Significant is the DistinctionLecca, Patrizio; McGregor, Peter G.; Swales, J. Kim
1-Sep-2017Historic paths and future expectations: The macroeconomic impacts of the offshore wind technologies in the UKLecca, Patrizio; Graziano, Marcello; Musso, Marta
29-May-2017How much does a single graduation cohort from further education colleges contribute to an open regional economy?Lecca, Patrizio; Swales, J. Kim
1-Mar-2016Human Capital in Economic Development: From Labour Productivity to Macroeconomic ImpactLecca, Patrizio; Hermannsson, Kristinn
1-Oct-2022Improving Government Quality in the Regions of the EU and its System-Wide Benefits for Cohesion PolicyBarbero, Javier; Christensen, Martin; Conte, Andrea; Lecca, Patrizio; Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés; Salotti, Simone
14-Mar-2018Long-term social, economic and fiscal effects of immigration into the EU: The role of the integration policyLecca, Patrizio
24MacroeconomíaLecca, Patrizio; Baanante Gismero, Almudena; Dans Rodríguez, Noemi; García-Ramos Lucero, Miguel Ángel; Lecca, Patrizio; Ramos Llanos, Antonio Javier; Sotelo Navalpotro, Justo; Tercero Lucas, David; Villafáñez Sagardoy, Diego; , Asignaturas Grado/Máster ICAI - organizadas otros centros
1-Aug-2018Modeling agglomeration and dispersion in space: The role of labor migration, capital mobility and vertical linkagesDi Comite, Francesco; Kancs, Artis; Lecca, Patrizio
1-Nov-2021Regional economic resilience in the European Union: a numerical general equilibrium analysisDi Pietro, Filippo; Lecca, Patrizio; Salotti, Simone
1RHOMOLO V3: A Spatial Modelling FrameworkLecca, Patrizio; Barbero, Javier; Christensen, Martin; Conte, Andrea; Di Comite, Francesco; Díaz Lanchas, Jorge; Diukanova, Olga; Mandras, Giovanni; Persyn, Damiaan; Sakkas, Stelianos
1-Apr-2014The added value from a general equilibrium analysis of increased efficiency in household energy useLecca, Patrizio; McGregor, Peter G.; Swales, J. Kim; Turner, Karen
1-Apr-2014The Economic and Environmental Impact of a Carbon Tax for Scotland: A Computable General Equilibrium AnalysisLecca, Patrizio; Allan, Grant J.; McGregor, Peter G.; Swales, J. Kim
1-Jan-2014The economic impacts of marine energy developments: A case study from ScotlandLecca, Patrizio; Allan, G.J.; McGregor, Peter G.; Swales, J. Kim
2-Jan-2017The economyLecca, Patrizio; McGregor, Peter G.; Swales, J. Kim